Fool’s Overture - Voice of Supertramp Roger Hodgson w Orchestra

Former Supertramp lead singer and co-founder Roger Hodgson wrote and composed this song by himself. He has talked about how when he composed it he always saw it being played with an orchestra. So, seeing it with an orchestra, we are seeing it the way the composer originally intended it. This epic is on the album “Even in the Quietest Moments.“ Autographed CD at . Roger is currently on Tour, selling out shows all over the globe. Roger performs his songs in a variety of formats so you can see him at an acoustic show, band show or orchestra. I love them all. Info on or Roger Hodgson has been recognized as one of the most gifted composers, songwriters and lyricists of our time. The songs Roger sings that are often referred to as Supertramp songs are songs that Roger wrote and composed alone - that is how he creates music. Even though Roger and Rick shared writing credit, they each wrote and composed separately with each singing their own respective songs. Roger wrote many of the band’s hits while he was still in his teens, before he even met Rick. When Roger was with Supertramp, he would make a demo of the song and bring it to the band for them to learn their parts. Supertramp as a band never wrote and composed together. There were only two songwriters for the band. Roger composed many of the songs that brought Supertramp worldwide acclaim such as Give a Little Bit, Dreamer, Take the Long Way Home, Breakfast in America, School, It’s Raining Again, Fool’s Overture and so many more. Roger still performs all of the classics and also selections from his several solo albums. There’s a Repertoire page on Roger’s site where you can read about his songs and how he composed them. LYRICS PAGE ~ See what fans are saying - “Fool’s Overture had everyone mesmerized. The lyrics, sounds, vibe in the room all was magical. Roger had everyone in his hands. An absolutely amazing performance. So much so that as people were leaving, I overheard many say they are already planning to come back next year.“ “This performance was jaw dropping. It was like turning the clock back 25 years. Roger’s voice was as it was in Supertramp’s heyday.“ Sample Set List from an Orchestra Show - Take the Long Way Home School Lovers in the Wind Hide in Your Shell Easy Does It Sister Moonshine Breakfast in America Along Came Mary A Soapbox Opera The Logical Song Lord is it Mine If Everyone Was Listening Even in the Quietest Moments Only Because of You Babaji Dreamer Fool’s Overture ***** Two of Us Give a Little Bit It’s Raining Again Authentic signed merch at Classics Live & Open the Door on iTunes: Classics Live: Open the Door: This is Roger Hodgson Live at France 2004 Night of the Proms.
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