Jyc Row & PrinceWhateverer - Together, Against the Sisters (feat. Celica Soldream)

NEW INFINITE ECLIPSE DISCORD SERVER: INFINITE ECLIPSE’S PREQUEL MINI-STORIES: INFINITE ECLIPSE’S INFORMATION / LORE: Hello everyone! Here it is! Here’s my participation to the new Ponies at Dawn album, Ignite! This song is called “Together, Against the Sisters“ and is part of the INFINITE ECLIPSE series, following the even after Luna’s transformation at the end of “Lunar Rebellion / Tsuki no Hangyaku“ ( This is a collaboration between me, PrinceWhateverer and Celica Soldream. I know I always say that, but I truly believe it might be the best track I’m part of so far. They both did an incredible job regarding absolutely everything and I can’t thank them enough for the hard work they’ve done. So, thank you very much to both of you! :D Also, thanks to Cody for helping me a couple of years ago on this track when I started it! ;) Anyway, here is some background story for the track! “It takes place just after “Lunar Rebellion“/“Night Queen“. When Luna transformed into her evil self, Nightmare Moon, and started to fight her sister, Daybreaker. They didn’t really care about their respective army anymore. No matter who or what was between them, allies or enemies, it mattered not. Both army, Lunar and Solar, noticed that if they kept fighting, it’ll be dangerous for them but also for their world. Not only the two sisters were able to kill them without any remorse or difficulty, but they also were cataclysms and total destructors. The world would be nothing but a wasteland if they let them keep going. So, despite their differences and believes, both army decided to join their force to take down the two goddesses.“ Of course, if you have any question regarding this track or about INFINITE ECLIPSE in general, feel free to ask in the comments - it’d be my pleasure to tell you more about this project I’m currently working on! :D Finally, as always... time for a LOT of links! Get P@D:Ignite here: Support Infinite Eclipse: Instrumental: Project concept, orchestration, story, orchestral instrument and final mixing by Jyc Row Main melody and chord progression by Cody Sorenson Electric guitars, drums, male vox, vocals editing, final mastering and lyric video by PrinceWhateverer Lyrics, top-line melody and female vox by Celica Soldream Artwork by Light262 () CODY SORENSON YouTube: PRINCEWHATEVERER YouTube: Bandcamp: Twitter: Facebook: CELICA SOLDREAM Website: Youtube: Twitter: Facebook: JYC ROW Soundcloud: Bandcamp: Twitter: Facebook: PONIES AT DAWN YouTube: Bandcamp: Soundcloud: Facebook: Twitter: _______________________________________ Lyrics by Celica Soldream: Moon, enlighten the night, the dark side of light, I gave you devotion, my blood and my life. I trusted your stars, they were once my guide, but now they are falling along with the... Sun, keeper of flame, breaker of day, I gave you my sword, my heart and my faith. But now the sky is burning, And I scream and wonder when did your fire become so (cold)? Cold winds will come like a storm, destroying everything, everyone we love. Time has come to recall, the days of old, when both, day and night, were bound by the dawn We are the mountains, the woods, the fields We are the rivers, the shore and the sea What’s worth fighting for The reason to win our land, our home, the air we breath May thunder be our voice, With lightning in our veins, Our hearts our beating power, roaring our claim: “What lives beneath the sun, is written in the stars“. Why can’t you understand? One by one, we’ll fight Side by side, we’ll fight Together [GUITAR SOLO] A new day shines, the storm has gone, May rain wash away all the pain from our souls Time has come for rebirth, to rise like the sun, From now, day and night, will be bound by the dawn
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