Prince & Djohn - I’m Not Gay (Cover ft. Sable) [MLP fan parody - Explicit]

Ahh! I’m sorry I haven’t released anything in ages! Hope you’ll get a laugh out of this though! :D !!===!! I hope people take this is the total joke it’s meant to be lmao but who knows how people will react in [current year] :T !!=== P A T R E O N & M E R C H ===!! If you feel like supporting me and what I do while getting cool perks and sneak peeks, consider checking out my Patreon here! Yeah I have merch now! :o !!===CREDITS===!! Co-lyricist, vocalists, and drums - Djohn Mema YouTube - Harmony vocals and solo guitar - Sable Symphony YouTube - Typography - MokeDoesThings Twitter - Art - Dino Horse!! Twitter - Tumblr - Featured artists IRUSU - Wubby Dubby - !!===DOWNLOADS===!! HD WAV (and other formats) via Bandcamp - Free .mp3 - %26_Djohn_Mema_-_I%27m_Not_Gay_%%29_%5BMLP_fan_parody% !!===EQD===!! OwO - !!===LYRICS===!! Well if you wanted honesty, you came to the right place Though Applejack’s a background horse Please don’t get mad, it’s better off this way For every garbage meme, the DA spaghetti I’ve seen Remember when my parents found my Rainbow dash rule 63- but I’m not gay I’m not gay I’m not gay It’s ironic What will it take to show you that we’re different from furries I’ve told you time and time again just watch the show I swear it’s not cringy! Ponies are really sick, I’ve stuck with them through thin and thick dont look at my page on fimfic, unless you’re into giant dicks- but I’m not gay I’m not gay I’m not gay I like mare ass Forget about vids on redtube, explicit on derpibooru Turn up that movie soundtrack, I have a “chance“ but I call it Big Mac I’m not gay I’m not gay! I’m not gay no (Kinda gay) I’m not gay no (Dude you’re totally fucking gay) But you really need to listen to me! ’Cause jacking it to Braeburn once doesn’t make you fucking gay! Pfftt whatever I’m not gay I’m not gay I swear I’m not gay, it doesn’t make you fucking gay -not gay I’m not gayyyyy (That was the gayest shit I’ve ever heard) !!===SOCIAL===!! TWITCH ►► DISCORD ►► TWITTER ►► I’m not gay.. (I promise)
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