Dj Ramezz & Myra Bro Feat Pete D Moore “ I Say What I Want “ 2023

Всем привет! Представляем новый работу на трек от супер команды 90х Activate.Спасибо мои друзьям за помощь -Питу, Майре и конечно нашему видео инженеру Юрию! Желаю приятного просмотра и хорошего настроения! Dj Ramezz present my author’s channel in , where I publish my cover versions and remixes together with vocalists and musicians such as Timi Kullai, Mayra Bro, Andrey Bo, Amina, Inna, Xenophobia, Aleona, well as remixes and cover versions of Eurodance tracks of the 90s, such as Ice, mc,Captain Hollywood Project,Maxx ,Masterboy,DJ Bobo ,Samira,La Bouche, Corona and many can find and download my remixes and cover versions from the link and on radio stations I wish you all a pleasant viewing,I am waiting for your comments and suggestions on joint cooperation with the project and DJ Ramezz #djramezz #music2023 #eurodance90
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