King’s X - Ogre tones (full album) 2005

© TO THE OWNERS AND COPYRIGHT HOLDERS: I want to clarify that all the music used in the uploaded videos belongs to their respective owners: my channel does not monetize and it is not my intention to violate copyright, but if the copyright holders (label or musicians) want one of my videos to be removed, first to take any action, please contact me (via comments or personal messages) so that I can delete it immediately. ***** Groove! The key word to open the sound box released by King’s X is: groove. There are no misunderstandings. For all that that word can mean. But first of all we explain who King’s X are to those who do not know the history of the band. Born in the second half of the 1980s, our folks got to release their debut “Out Of The Silent Planet“ in 1988, and then reeled off albums one after the other. But it certainly cannot be said that ours are not picky chisellers of their music, and this new “Ogre Tones“ is proof of this: energetic rock ’warmed’ by a strong dose of blues and angry guitars, with good choruses and structures that are anything but redundant. And above all, the presence behind the mixer counter of the famous producer Michael Wagener should not be underestimated, famous for his work in support of bands such as Queen, Extreme and Alice Cooper (among others), good at making the burning amalgam of three crazy Americans. An explosive album, therefore, starting with the opener “Alone“, a true example of ’controlled anger’, leading to the melodious “Stay“, where echoes of Aerosmith resonate as if they were a crawling obsession. Quite canonical is the bluesy “Hurricane”, graced by the warm voice of the talented Doug Pinnick. The same goes for “Fly“, very ’Jimi Hendrix’ in his frontal gait. But “Bebop“ is the true masterpiece of “Ogre Tones“. The piece strikes from the first listening, especially for the passion it releases, and the surprise present in the refrain only accentuates the feeling of extreme joy that one feels listening to this piece, a true emblem of our technical-compositional-interpretative expertise. Without a shadow of a doubt, the purchase of the album alone is worth it. Sweet and tribal is “Honesty”, hard rock are “Open My Eyes” and “Freedom”, atmospheric is the dreamy “Get Away” and so on until the left outro of “Bam”. As you can see (and as you may have the opportunity to hear), in this work there are many souls who live together, and all of them contribute to the formation of our magic word, groove! Recommended for fans of the band and for lovers of rock more tinged with blues and passion. 00:00 Alone 02:56 Stay 06:20 Hurricane 09:50 Fly 12:36 If 15:34 Bepop 19:37 Honesty 22:20 Open my eyes 26:23 Freedom 29:45 Get away 33:11 Sooner or later 40:09 Mudd 45:05 Bam
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