PrinceWhateverer - ALR3ADY D3AD (Destabilize )

The end of an era (maybe lol idk) 🔻 === S T U F F === 🔻 The next (and final (allegedly)) track in the Destabilize series! as the “4b“ in the title suggests, this is an alternative ending to the “4a“ that was [CODE PHANTOM]! [Spoilers?] In 4a Sweetiebot realises that she’ll never be free of the violent corruption deep inside her and decides it’s best for the world and her friends to just let her go. In this ending on the other hand... Well, I believe she can speak for herself =w= the ponies of equestria shouldn’t be so afraid of death. I mean, she’s been dead this whole time. 🔽 === D O W N L O A D S === 🔽 The WHOLE album is available on the following platforms (and more)! :D Bandcamp (Deluxe digital w/ instr & acca): Spotify: iTunes: Amazon: YT Music: ✅ === C R E D I T S === ✅ ⌨️ Typography by Moke! Awesome as always ouo Tw: YT: @mommymoke5369 🎥 2D animation by Mens59 Fv: Dr: 🎨 Art by Nekosnicker! SUCH POINTY! SO FANGS! Tw: DA: 🦄 3D animation by Sylthena! Report for stinky -u- Tw: YT: @sylthena8056 🎤 Brae soldier VA - Neighrator! Tw: YT: @NeighratorPony 🎙️ Shining soldier VA - Ambizar! Tw: TY: @AmbizarYT 🤖Sweeb voice - BGM! YT: @BGMPonyDegeneracy 👕 === P A T R E O N === 👕 Wanna get the tracks, vids, and artwork sent to you each month? Patreon! ✍ === L Y R I C S === ✍ It’s just like you said, it’s all in my head So come shoot me down, I’m already dead This is the end, the ghost in the wire is out of control (it’s all in your head) This is the end, don’t beg for your life Take it from me, I was already dead Here we go Just scared to die ’cause you’re alive to know Here we go In flames above, so below Oh don’t be a hero No space for feeling between one and zero Oh you know that it’s true Your time has run out, death is knocking for you This is the end The steel in the gun has no care for the screams of the flesh and the blood This is the end So hide if you must, the reaper will find you ready or not Oh the gears turning round The hands of time laugh as the clock’s ticking down Oh but stay for the end You don’t feel a thing when you’re already dead (You’re already dead- Caution) 💬 === S O C I A L S === 💬 TWITCH ►► DISCORD ►► TWITTER ►► #mlp #brony #metal [ C A U T I O N ]
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